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Community Homes

Community Homes is a residential option that focuses on the individuals enjoying their chosen residential lifestyle. At present, we provide service in seven community based homes, supporting three to four individuals per home. CSPD takes pride in the work and importance that is placed on the appearance and maintenance of our homes. These homes are decorated beautifully and the individuals which reside in the home participate in all aspects of choosing the d├ęcor. Individuals benefit from assisted daily living from their support workers this includes: personal supports, meal preparation, menu planning and nutrition, household management, emotional and social supports, accessing community services, and other areas of life as determined by the individual and the their guardians/support networks.

Support Workers within this program encourage individuals to reach their desired level of independence through the promotion of lifestyle choices. Individuals have been supported in many different ways to promote independence; such as, advocating through the Disability Action Hall where members learn about choices, personal rights and how to affect change.