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Community Support

Community Support is a residential choice for many of our clients. Together with their service provider, individuals live within the community. Service Providers are unique in that they provide ongoing support to clients in their home, by encouraging the individual to be an active member in the household and within their community. The success experienced over the years is largely dependent upon the relationships built between our clients, their Service Providers, families, and C.S.P.D.

Individuals receive support and guidance in all areas of life, such as participating in day to day household activities, personal growth and development, and enjoying social and leisure pursuits. Our contribution and responsibilities are to monitor, share resources, and meet our obligations as stated within a contractual agreement.

Many of the individuals within Community Support attend the agency social functions and enjoy the companionship of their friends. Events, which are truly enjoyed by all, are the Annual Family Christmas Party, Spring Fling, Stampede Breakfasts and Halloween Social Events.