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Independent Living with Support

Independent Living with Supports is a Residential option where individuals select their own accommodations. The primary goal for this type of living arrangement is for individuals to live as independently as possible within their community. The support provided is personalized according to the needs of each individual.

Most importantly, as the individual's needs change, CSPD provides flexibility to accommodate the changes whether the supports they need increase or decrease. We promote skill development and support in areas of house maintenance; health and wellness; social and emotional support; and recreation activities. Through the years we have found success in I.L.S. comes with developing a trusting relationship between the support worker and the individual.

Over the past several years, individuals have also chosen to participate in social nights, where they have had the opportunity to develop and maintain friendships. We believe these friendships benefit everyone by providing mutual support, cooperation, and companionship.

As in prior years many of our clients have continued to be busy advocating for many causes, which affect their day-to-day life. Self-advocacy for many individuals has become an important quest, which is strongly supported by membership within the Calgary Disability Action Hall.